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Welcome to obsession!

I'm not sure why it seems like such a big thing, nor why it's only now come to my attention. It's not like I ever had a chart of things (or groups, or catergories, etc) that I considered to be my main focus in life. You know, behind living life to the full, meeting as many nice people as possible and making sure you enjoy your time as much as you can, there is something you live for.

When my Dad refused to get my a games consoles as a kid, I felt hard done by. Who wouldn't, at the age of 9/10? All the other kids had one. He was insistent on getting a PC. Although being more expensive it could do more than jobs, it was more than a learning platform; it was a games system. That was how he won me and my brother over. And hell; did it work!

Then came music. Not just hearing it, but making it, living it. The days of staying up all night playing games came to end when I started playing guitar and going to gigs. I couldn't get enough of it. Muse drove me to pick up a guitar, because Matt Bellamy could do things with his guitar I wanted to do, it sounded so damn awesome. Concerts were a place to make awesome new friends, people who shared similar views on music and life. In the middle of all this, I was still playing games. I brought Half Life 2 before I owned a PC good enough to play it on. I brought an xbox 360 which I played for a few months, before my brother consumed it and pushed just short of the red ring of death.

Go back to 2010. I had no job, it was first year of uni so work was slim and was doing my usual re-run of Half Life. I realised how much of an impact it had had on me. I got a tattoo of it. Then Mass Effect came along and consumed me. The Download Forums were replaced with Google Reader, which fed articles from different video game websites.

Now I'm at the end of uni, doing a course based on music. Last year I was introduced to Sound Design, the module that looked at sound for other media flatforms like video games, films and plays. A new dream slowly formed, as I read more, played more and started creating. My ambition has changed.

It feels strange saying it, but I'd now say I live more video games than I do music.
Why is it so damn hard to find people who are willing to invest as much of themselves in you as are you in them?

This album.

This frakking album! =D.

Writer's Block: Time after time

If you fall in love with a book or movie, do you tend to watch/read it again and again? If so, what's your upper limit on repeats?

With movies I used to when I was younger. Almost day after day after day. Hence why I can say most of The Matrix, Star Wars, etc of by heart. Now-a-days if I watch a film again it's a while in between doing so. Things like the Watchmen and The Dark Knight are films that become my favourites, but for some reason they are just something I can't do at this time.

When it comes to reading, it's a completely different story. Ever since way back I've normally read a book, and providing there wasn't a book next on my reading list, I'd start going through it again straight away after. 'Hunters of the Dusk' by Darren Shan I must of read about 3 times in a row when I got it, just because it was so awesome. It happened recently with the Watchmen and V for Vendetta too. Hell I lent Watchmen to a friend a few weeks ago and before doing so just re-read it, can never get old of it.

The Dark Tower is something else though, it's so epic. All 7 books aquite to something that you need to put your life on hold for. I hate my ineffeciency when it comes to reading. If I could allow it, I'd stop everything to go over them again with no pause.

In the same way, I do this with games aswell. Every now and again I'll go through Half Life just over and over. I should really take the same approach to Final Fantasy. I can remember when FF was everything. It's so damn engrossing and epic and awesome. Earlier this year I started playing 7 and 10 again, and over the period of 3 sunday I played 4 hours of each. But that was it. They, like The Dark Tower, need to be done in a steady awesome flow.

Friends Only I'm Afraid.

This journal is updated on a (fairly) regular basis, honest! xD.
Cry pardon, but I will want some sort of indication of who you are before I allow you to read on =].


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